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      1. BMW F800S / F800ST/F800R

        DL9 fits F800GT (2013+)  and  F800S/ST/R (2009 +)
        DL8 fits F800 models (2007 & 2008)

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        The  F800 series bikes have been built using three different left side peg / shifter mounting arrangements. The two changeovers do not  coincide with model years.
        We have three different kits, one for each design.
        The difference is in the shifter linkage extender.
        The rest of the parts are the same for all three kits.

        The DL8 is for 2007, 2008 and some 2009 models.
        The DL8X is for some 2009 and newer models.
        Please examine your bike carefully to determine which kit is required.
        Call if you have questions prior to ordering.  

        Driver foot peg lowering kit
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        Left side   DL8

          Right side


        The left side adapter includes an attachment point for
        the shift lever which moves with the foot peg to the
        new lower position. A longer offset linkage rod attaches
        the shifter to the transmission.

        The adapters are mounted rigidly to the frame.
        The pegs are spring loaded in the adapters


        2007- 2008 linkage pictured in this photo.






        Note the shifter linkage extender for the first generation bikes.


        Note the relaxed leg position

        Position change, 1.5" down, 0.4" forward.

         Rider 5' 9" tall






        First generation F800 (2007, some 2008, some 2009)
        Note location of shifter mounting boss below and left of footpeg clevis. Uses kit DL-8





        Second generation F800  (Some 2009 & newer)
        Shifter boss moved to new position above and left of footpeg clevis. Uses  DL-8X                   

        Pictured above are the old and new left side factory casting. The shifter mounting point has been moved.

        The factory used both types during production in the second half of 2008 when some 2009 models were built.

        Our left side adapter has been modified with a 6mm set screw at the top to fit either casting.
        Our shifter linkage extender rod for the newer bikes is different from the original rod




        Our left side adapter has been modified with a 6mm set screw at the top to fit either casting.







        installation of DL-8X
        This photo is of F800R & F800ST some 2009 and  newer factory shifter linkage.
        Note the position of the transmission arm clamp bolt in the above picture.
        This identifies the bike as a third generation model.


        Here the transmission arm is rotated on the shaft to maintain a 90 degree angle between the arm and the link rod.

        Transmission arm must be rotated on shaft as shown above.

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        Forth generation frame.
        BMW has made another change to F800 models.
        On recent production bikes the sidestand has been moved.
        In the picture below, the stand , when retracted, hits our adapter.
        This change appears to date back to 2011 on some bikes and not on others.

        Above, latest F800GT, stock bike, sidestand up.


        F800R & F800ST year 2011

        Linkage extender installed


        Note, transmission arm and link rod are at 90 degrees

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         Be sure to examine your bike before ordering.
        See notes at top of this page.

        DL9-F800GT(2013+). F800R / ST/S (2009 & newer)
        foot peg lowering kit  - $239.95
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        DL8-F800S / ST (2007/8-some 2009)  foot peg lowering kit  - $239.95 Add to Cart

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