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      1. -BMW K1200LT footpeg comfort kit-

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        Leg position with peg in new location      Leg position without adapter

        Fits all years of K1200LT, 1999 -2009.
        These pictures show the kit installed on a 2005 LT.
        Adapters move the drivers pegs 1.75" down and .375"forward for a more relaxed leg position.
        No changes to the shift lever or brake pedal are required.


        Pictured above is an LT footpeg adapter connected to a factory footpeg casting.
        The footpeg rubber cushion is not shown. 

        You may order online via secure server or call Suburban at 1-440-951-6555.

        DL1 - K1200LT Footpeg Lowering Kit -  $219.95

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