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        (DL7N) for 2015 & newer R1200R/RS and R1250R/RS

        2015 & Newer  R1200R/RS & R1250R/RS
         -Left Side-
        Footpeg moves 1.25" down, 0.4" forward.
        October 2019: This is the new left side adapter.

        R1200R right side

        -Right Side-
        Brake pedal, footpeg and master cylinder
        all move together 1.25" down and .4" forward
        This is the max the brake hoses will allow.

        Order on-line or call 1-440-951-6555.

        DL7N - R1200 & R1250R/RS 2015 & newer
        Driver Foot peg Lowering Kit - $239.95
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