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        BMW R1200RTW & R1250RTW

        (DL3W) Foot peg lowering kit for RT models 2014 & newer

        (DL3N) Foot peg lowering kit for RT models 1996 -2013

        (P17) passenger footpeg higher (2.0")

        Passenger Footpeg kits
        (P14) Passenger Foot peg lower
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        (P17) Passenger Footpeg raising
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        Recommended fitments

        DL3W - R1200RTW / R1250RTW  (2014 & newer)

        DL3N -  R1100RT / R1150RT / R1200RT   (1996 - 2013)

        DL3N  &  DL3W

        Pictures show pre-2014 R1200RT

        footpeg lowering kit

        Net change is 1.45" down,
        0.38" forward, total move 1.5"

        --The DL3W is a DL3N optimized for the water cooled RT series bikes 2014 and newer.-- 

        Right Side
        The 2014 & newer R1200RTW does not have an adjustable stop on the brake pedal.
        On previous models the brake pedal could be adjusted to a lower position to allow easier access when using the DL3N kit. This feature has been eliminated by the factory. 

        If you currently own a DL3 kit and are moving up to a 2014 or newer RT,
        your current kit WILL fit the newer bikes.
        The DL3N right side adapter has additional spring coil clearance to ease installation of the stronger springs used on the newer RT. Installing the old kit on a new bike may require a second set of hands to help.

        Recommended fitments

        DL3W - R1200RTW / R1250RTW  (2014 & newer)

        DL3N -  R1100RT / R1150RT / R1200RT   (1996 - 2013)

        Please Note:


        Some R1200RTW and R1250RTW were shipped, from the factory, with footpeg return springs that had very short tails. When using our kit, some of these springs do not stay in place against the frame when the peg is fully retracted. Only the left side is an issue.
        We recently (August 2021) ordered a sample left spring and left peg from the BMW USA inventory. The peg exactly matches our samples from 20 years ago. The spring had a long tail that worked with our kit. The BMW part number for the left side spring is  (46 71 8 520 415). The right side
        spring part number ends in (416).


        Right side P3N and P14


        Left side P3N

        Position change 1.8" down , 0.4" forward.

        P17 passenger footpeg higher, on R1200RT

          Left side


        P17- K1600GT/GTL - R1100RT- R1150RT- R1200RT - R1200RTW - R1250RTW
        Passenger Foot peg 2" raising Kit -  $219.95  
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        DL3W (Driver) Foot peg Lowering Kit for
        R1200 / 1250 RTW   (2014  & newer)     $219.95
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        DL3N   (Driver) Foot peg Lowering Kit for
        R1100RT / R1150RT / R1200RT  (1996-2013) - $219.95
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