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      1. BMW S1000XR

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        Vibration damping Stainless Steel bar end weights

        These 10.8 oz (each) bar ends substantially reduce vibration in the handlebar.

        bar end

        HBW11-XR bar end only for bikes without handguards.


        bar end

          HBW11HG-XR for bikes with factory handguards (9.0 oz) each.  
         Fits on bikes with or without handguards.  
        The hex head bolt pictured is not included in the kit. Use factory TORX bolt and end cap.

        DRF10 has been discontinued.

        Soft cushion (RT) Driver foot pegs, 1.5" lower

        The XR kit consists of a pair of replacement footpegs using the rubber sleeves from an R1200RTW.
        This vibration absorbing peg was designed for the original K bikes back in the 1980s,
        and is still used on several BMW models today. 

        XR3473   XR3474

        On the left, factory footpeg.                  One the right DRF10 installed.

        XR0617  XR0614

        XR0611    XR0605

        Kit does not fit R1200GS due to side stand interference.     Pictured above, side stand clearance on S1000XR

        DRF10 has been discontinued.

        DRF10 - S1000XR  Foot pegs  -  $239.95


        HBW11-XR  -   S1000XR  Bar end weight  -  $84.95

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          HBW11HG-XR  -   S1000XR with handguard- Bar end weight  -  $89.95

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