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      1. BMW F800GT & F800R/S/ST -  footpeg  lowering kit (DL-9)

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        Before                            After


        View of shifter linkage                      Relaxed leg position with kit installed.

        With the kit installed, the location of the shifter relative to the footpeg is maintained.
        With the new linkage system, the shifter angle can be adjusted over a wide range.

        Foot position moves approximately 1.7" down and .375" forward.


        View of right side.

        DL9 fits F800S / ST / R and GT,  2009 and newer.
        DL9 replaces DL8N and DL8X.

        DL9-F800GT (2009+) & F800R/S/ST - foot peg lowering kit  - $239.95

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