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      1. Motorcycle Handlebars
         in stainless steel

        Suzuki - Yamaha - Kawasaki - Ducati

        Suburban Machinery Inc.
        37127 Ben Hur Ave. ?Willoughby, Ohio 44094
        Phone 1-800-297-1341 ?Fax 440-951-5174
        Home page
        Our products are designed for street use. They should not be used in competition.
        These are bolt on bars, no modifications to your factory bike are needed.
         All bars are made from 304 stainless steel and have a brushed finish.
        Standard bar diameter is  7/8"

        All handlebars have been discontinued.
        This page is for reference only.


        New Zealand SV650 with type 2 bars

        SV650 page 
        Also fits the Bandit 1200S & SV1000

        SV series handlebar no longer available

        GS500F page

         Ninja 650R up to year 2011

          ER-6F & Ninja 650R page

        Ninja 650R
          ER-6F  & Ninja 650R page

        ER-6F and ninja 650  handlebars are no longer available.


        Ducati Monster Handlebars
        & Yamaha FZ-07

        Ducati Monster & Yamaha FZ-07 (7/8") page

        The M3 and M1 handlebar is no longer available.

         home page